BMW Driver Survives Metal Beam Flying Through His Windshield (PHOTO)

Dec 16, 2015 11:46 AM EST | John Nassivera


Don Lee is still surprised that he was able to avoid a large metal beam that crashed through his windshield while he was driving on a freeway in California.

The incident took place on Friday, Dec. 11, when a piece of a ramp on a truck in front of Lee, who was driving in a BMW at the time, slid off and impaled his windshield while he was traveling on Interstate 280, .

Lee says he was driving in the middle lane when he noticed the "big caged-type truck" two cars in front of him, . He added that the beam was "wobbling like a tornado" before it came at him "straight like a rocket." Lee moved a little bit sideways in order to avoid swerving too quickly and hitting another car, but that led to the beam hitting his windshield so hard that it cut the engine.

"I couldn't see anything," he said, adding that he managed to pull over carefully to shoulder and only sustained a few scratches on his arm.

Despite the danger of the situation, Lee says that he was surprisingly calm, especially due to his experience with building and racing cars, NBC noted.

"I think I have a second life," Lee said, adding that he's convinced that God was his co-pilot. "It's a miracle." 

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