Britain's Dyson Tech Introduces A New Electric Flying-Car

Apr 05, 2016 06:49 PM EDT | Tes Christiansen


British firm Dyson has moved up to the auto industry ladder with its latest venture, that of their development of an electric car that could fly into the air in an announcement this week, much to the delight of the automotive community, according to .

Dubbed the DyFly, the news came as Google and Tesla have also been continuously developing technology for efficient and effective self-driving electric cars. While this kind of innovative approach isn't that new these days, Dyson's engineers thought a different approach was in order.

A bit more of Dyson technology is incorporated in the car, with steering guided via Dyson taps with Airblade side bits. Air filters from the company's Pure Cool Link fans further give the flying car an air purification capability.

According to , news circuits have also gotten word that founder Sir James Dyson received UK government funding for the company's new invention. Details from the released document that defined the funding were edited on the final document, it was revealed.

Dyson clearly has gotten a long way in considerable expertise in the fields of charging protocols, electric motors, storage batteries, and energy management software for electric transport. The company's gradual transition from the manufacture of bagless vacuums to electric vehicles would clearly involve continued and persistent development of products and services, and most probably, new key players from known car supply manufacturers. In this case, the company could eventually play a significant role as a supplier of main and sub-components for other independent assemblers worldwide.

In a previous post, Dyson CEO Max Conze commented on deciding nothing out when questioned on the possibility of a future electric-car idea last year. However, he slightly referred to Apple as being similar in the "unhealthily obsessive" notion on reinventing its products and transform them into something better.

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