Propulsion Systems: Not The Future Of Cars?

Apr 11, 2016 10:10 PM EDT | Alexa Parker


Car makers are making massive changes to its cars. All the more, the mere idea is rising that the future of the cars is not the propulsion.

 has noted on how developments, upgrades and integration's of new innovations are pushing carmaker to new heights. However, to note that propulsion is not the future of the cars is heavily being debated and weighed.

Some have speculated that the forthcoming mayhem in cars would not dwell heavily on the metal, drive-trains or batteries and even with the autonomous system features but it will heavily come down to the riding experience inside. Given that notion, many are disagreeing since for cars, propulsion is one of the major drives in setting the bar higher.

The same post added on to note how experience is a major thing that can propel cars to greatness. For more than a century, driving has been linked with handling the car, the presence of comfort as well as the experience on the road, the report added.

Meanwhile,  revealed how power and dominance by cars are shown by its capacity for greater propulsion. It is an undeniable fact that the propulsion in cars is a part of its performance and strength. Without it, it would not have the ability to cruise at great speeds and in turn affect the overall driving experiencing of its users.

In terms of cars and power, one great example that features the best of both worlds is the Jaguar F-Pace 3.0d Diesel 2016. Although it featured strong propulsion, its whole built is also aimed at giving exemplary road performance and comfort for its users, as noted by Auto World News.

Moreover, in terms of propulsions and car functionalities, location is also an integral factor. The same report added on to denote that location does affect the way cars are made and formed. To confirm the latter, the narrow and twisting roads of Europe and Asia have given birth to smaller cars that emphasizes nimble handling over propulsion, while the open and rugged roads of Australia and North America emphasizes the importance and role of horsepower and brutal force.

Given the notions, the debate will continue to rise for car enthusiasts out there because some are still in tuned with having better driving experience and comfort rather than powerful propulsion while some would still opt for cars that emphasize massive and overshadowing car propulsion to dominate the road.

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