Jaguar To Unveil Longer XF In China To Compete Against Audi, BMW And Mercedes

Apr 15, 2016 09:42 AM EDT | Alexa Parker


Jaguar is set on unveiling longer XF in China to compete against the Audi, BMW and Mercedes in the race against dominance and sales. As the competitions edge higher, more and more challenges are set to block Jaguar's path.

A rising threat is looming on the horizon for Audi, BMW and Mercedes in China's market as Jaguar aims at dominating the main road with its powerful engines and unparalleled car features. indicated how Jaguar XFL will step up and bring the challenge to the front lines as it faces the massive presence of Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz.

Moreover, as it cruises into the superhighways of China, the extended wheelbase version of the Jaguar XF is expected to change the landscape of the competition. It goes without saying that in a competitive market industry, innovations and constant upgrades are vital to ensure that domination and unparalleled features maintain position in the premium car section.

Meanwhile,  showed that as Jaguar joins the crowd and array of supreme cars, the competition goes even fiercer. Looking back, when the first XF was released on the market last 2007, it generated positive feedbacks from the consumers leading to more revised strategies to bring Jaguar's classic and supreme cars into the road.

It is undeniable that the Jaguar series has prepared a line-up of supercars that will surely rattle the crowd. To prove the latter, Auto World News has revealed the upgrades that the Jaguar has made to its cars. One great example is the Jaguar F-Pace that brought more innovations to the table.

It stands out that the mere presence of the Jaguar XF is threatening the market and sales revenues of other carmakers such as the Audi, BMW and Mercedes, and as the journey begins, it remains uncertain on whether the Jaguar with its XF innovations reign supreme and bag the gold and the glory.

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