Tesla Motors Inc. Faces Unprecedented Order Demands, Can It Deliver Model 3 On Time?

Apr 21, 2016 04:20 AM EDT | Alexa Parker


Tesla Motors Inc. might be enjoying an influx of orders and demands but a rising burden is looming on the horizon for Tesla Motors. It appears that the demand might set issues for Tesla such as will the company deliver the prestigious model 3 on time or will it not.

Approximately 400,000 people are now on the pre-order list for the Tesla Model 3 and the numbers might continue to rise,  reported. The question lingers on how the car company can deliver within the given timeframe.

reservations approaching 400,000, says Tesla Vice President

— Tesla Model 3 News (@TeslaModel3News)

The Model 3 is the main banner of the company and if it fails to deliver, the legacy and name of Tesla might be placed at risk. Given the fact that the Model 3 runs on battery and is powered by it, the supply and the other elemental factors to bring the cars to its owners might be hindered by the supply of resources at bay.

The success is undeniable a joyous moment for the company because it implied the forthcoming revenues to rise but if the company fails to meet its deadline, then it might deal with repercussions later on. Tesla needs to ensure that it is able to provide and not just accept any orders without assuring that the Model 3 will be delivered on time.

Tesla is facing another competitor in the form of tech giant Apple.  mentioned that Apple has hired Chris Porritt who is a former Tesla Motors (TSLA) vice president of vehicle engineering and former Aston Martin chief engineer. He was hired by Apple to spearhead the Project Titan electric car venture for the tech giant.

It stands to reason that Tesla Motors and its upcoming Model 3 is bombarded with challenges on all corners. From management issues to product and manufacturing crisis, Tesla Motors is in for a tough ride concerning business and trade.

It remains uncertain on whether Tesla Motors and its Model 3 will indeed be delivered on time but Tesla has already affirmed that it can and it would not be accepting orders if it does not have the resources and the means to do so.

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