Audi And Volkswagen Dilly-Dallies In Releasing Quarterly Earnings, Question Is Why?

Apr 20, 2016 11:18 AM EDT | Alexa Parker


Audi and Volkswagen are clouding and impeding the release of their quarterly earnings. Along with that, it has raised speculations and questions on why both companies are implementing this kind of approach and setup.

Given the slowing revenues for Volkswagen,  affirmed that the Volkswagen and the brand sales have fallen for the past month. Also, for the month of March, the carmaker was struggling to counter the repercussions over the diesel emissions scandal that has baffled the company for sometime.

It stands out that the worldwide deliveries of Volkswagen's (VW) biggest autos division have fallen at 2.7 percent, which is the 16th drop for a period of 18 months. Furthermore, it is forecast that the decline will continue in the first-quarter sales to 1.3 percent or 1.46 million cars, and at the same time, the decline last month was less severe than a 4.7 percent fall in February, but contrasted with a 5.7 percent rise in total car sales by all brands in Europe in March, according to the same post.

As Volkswagen delays the release of their total earnings, surprising as it may seem, Audi is trekking the same path as well. A separate post published by  revealed that the German carmaker Audi has also deferred the publication of its first-quarter results until June 1.

Moreover, the release of Audi's financial results for the January-March period was originally scheduled for April 29, as noted by the same post. On a different note, it is forecast that the sales will go down owing to the controversies surrounding both companies and how it has mired the integrity and legacy of both Audi and Volkswagen, along with Porsche. In terms of the Chinese sales for Volkswagen, it was subdued in comparison to the profits that Mercedes and BMW are experiencing as of the moment.

Although both companies did not render any explanation for the delay on releasing the quarterly earnings, both Audi and Volkswagen have affirmed that the information will be out by June.

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