Tesla Model S And Model X Can Scrub Bad Air With Bioweapon Defense Mode Feature, Can Chevy And Nissan Do It Too?

May 03, 2016 06:00 AM EDT | Alexa Parker


Tesla Model S and Model X news and updates revealed stunning features. The bioweapon defense mode of segments Tesla Model S and Model X has the capability to scrub off bad air, even the air outside the car. A feat that is not yet integrated with Chevy and Nissan segments.

A feat that Tesla has claimed and the birthright of technology that Tesla has mastered through time. Tesla has shown that the HEPA air filtration system that Tesla utilized began in the Model X segments and the new version of the Model S. The bioweapon defense mode is among the prized feat for Tesla because it promotes clean air technology and limits pollution.

The feature aims at bringing a technological edge in terms of particularly in the field of greener air and sustaining the environment. The scheme began with an aid from Google co-founder Larry Page. Also,  reports of testing the Model X SUV in a large bubble that has extreme levels of pollution.

The process then continues to filter air and ensure good air both inside and out. Moreover, Tesla is not stopping in that feat alone since the company has been noted to also improve other elements such as the defenses in the primary and secondary filters that are known to be replaceable.

The car maker also says it tested the filtration system outside the lab in areas known for poor air quality, such as California freeways during rush hour, landfills, and cow pastures in the central valley of California as well as major cities in China.

The advancement that Tesla has revealed is remarkable because the bioweapon defense mode feature is an innovation that promotes good health and at the same time has the capacity to protect the people and the environment.  even added that the features integrated with the Tesla segments Tesla Model S and Model X are filtering the air even in areas that are known to have polluted air levels.

As Tesla Model S and Model X integrates the bioweapon defense mode, the segments will surely scrub the bad air and it does not matter whether it is inside the car or outside the car.

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