Forget Hybrids or EVs, The Ferrari F12 Berlinetta Will Be A V-12 Beast

Sep 15, 2016 05:18 AM EDT | Anne Khristine Coleman


For a while, it seemed like the hype of the V12 engine was not expected to stay long in the spotlight. Not too long ago, the Italian manufacturer released the much talked about Ferrari California T and Ferrari 488 GTB models with downsized 3.9-liter engines complete with turbocharged V8s.

However, there are speculations that the famous v12 engine might extend in its throne for a while due to an upcoming promising heir.

The Heir and Its Inheritance

The alleged successor is set to appear before the public in 2019, according to the report of which cites as its source. The engine would have an upgrade and will produce power for the anticipated vehicle in the form of a 6.3-liter V12 which we can recall to be naturally aspirated.

The said power more or less runs in a whopping 770 horsepower which was housed inside the Enzo; the fastest Ferrari car between 2002 and 2004. This car was named to give honor to the company's founder who carries the same name.

Because of this news, the Ferrari brand is back to the top of the list of most awaited cars this decade.

The Next Supercar

Previous news claim that the new Ferrari baby might get an extra push from electric currents. This is in dismissal of it having a supercharged engine. If the goal is to improve some speed, its makers might welcome the idea of one or two electric motors bolted in replacement of a motor starter.

In the same report, the upcoming F12 successor will most likely weigh less and look smaller, all the more that it can become a candidate for a completely-packaged supercar. In addition, in a latest report found by , the possibility of enhancing the car with a hybrid power boost feature and updated aero and suspensions could make the upcoming car really claim the crown of next supercar model.

Before the day comes that the new Ferrari is introduced, the company is planning to release a slightly upgraded F12. 

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