'The Walking Dead' Season 7 Spoilers, News and Updates: Prepare For The Baddest Of All Bad Guys Negan

Oct 04, 2016 04:27 AM EDT | Mariechris Felipe


'The Walking Dead' Season 7 will premiere in less than a month and people all over the globe are dying of anticipation and wants to know the answer on probably one of the biggest cliffhanger in television history - who gets killed by the baddest of all bad guys, Negan?

Read on and find out the latest spoilers, news, speculations about TWD.

The Baddest Of The Bad

The first episode of the seventh season of 'The Walking Dead' is perhaps one of the most anticipated premieres in television history. In it will be revealed the victim of Negan, the leader of the Saviors and the main villain of the new season who had already been an icon after his 15 minute debut on the episode of 'TWD' season 6.

"Negan, the baddest of the bad guys, it would not be the same show if he will not be there. He breathes a terrifying new life in the show and it could not be at the best time," Greg Nicotero, executive producer of the series .

Fans have been left speechless with the outcome of TWD season 6 in which the character played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan murdered one of the protagonists of the show mercilessly, using Lucille, his baseball bat with thorns. Glenn, Rick, Maggie, Michonne, Daryl, Abraham, Rosita, Sasha, Eugene, Carl and Aaron are the main candidates and finally people will see who gets to die.

"You be angry with me as It was the episode that I directed and It was the hardest episode I've ever shot. There are so many distressing things that moment have when the episode is over, it will be too much to take in. It's that intense. And it gets worse from there on." Nicotero added.

Lucille Kills Maggie?

Fans are speculating that Lauren Cohan's character  will be the one who will be killed by Negan.

Not only has Cohan apparently been absent on future sets according to spies. Cohan has also been posting a lot of photos in Instagram but the 'TWD' set in Atlanta is nowhere to be found. Producers also implied that there will be more than one death of the main protagonists in the premier. Fans believe that TWD will not be brave enough to kill two characters in one episode and therefore, this would mean that the two deaths will be Maggie and her unborn baby.

Of course, it may not be Maggie and just simply be Glenn. Glenn was on the receiving end of the infamous Lucille swing in 'The Walking Dead' comics which gives Steven Yeun's character first dibs on the TV adaptation of the death. But the writers of the 'TWD' show have been changing the deaths in the comics, like what they did with Abraham, so Glenn's demise is still not sure.

A Fearful Rick

, next season promises to be just as dark as the end of the sixth. According Nicotero, it will be the first time that Rick Grimes will be afraid.

Up to this point, our characters have successfully lived through all kinds of conflicts - disease, hunger, lots of undead, tragedy, betrayal, and unthinkable loss. Throughout all this, they had been more powerful. They had found security and stability. They had created a home. And Rick thought that the world was his. He was wrong.

To start the seventh season that power has been taken away. The first half of the seventh season shows the fractured, broken group and picking up the pieces while living under oppression.

New World, New Rules

With Negan and the Saviors already in the picture, it would be a new world with new rules on 'The Walking Dead' Season 7. There will be rivalries, wars and falls. There will be a change of leadership and people will have to adapt to it, they will be watching and may be crying at the same time. Negan will put the survivors under his control and the gang will brutally live under their rules with a deadly and terrible example of what happens if they do not.

Negan is also not the only shocking event of the season. The Kingdom will also be introduced and King Ezekiel as well with both Carol and Morgan are set to step in.

The first episode of the next season of 'The Walking Dead' will be released on October 23 and will last no less than 90 minutes. Are you excited? Sound off in the comments section below.

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