Pokemon Go Latest Cheats: PokeGOD Removed by Apple, Tutuapp To The Rescue

Oct 07, 2016 02:37 AM EDT | Johanna Vanessa Anasco


Niantic, Pokemon Go's developer has kept their promise in doing regular improvements on the game. Pokemon GO patrons are ecstatic.

Those medals were not useless after all. Now, it appears that medals will eventually make it easy to catch rare elemental type monsters. However, the medals will be an exclusive type.

This means that it will be much easier to catch types depending on your medal.  Like if you have a Bird Keeper medal it will facilitate catches when you aim for Flying-Type Pokemons. Hiker medals will make it easier to catch Rock-type Pokemons. Schoolkid meals apply for Normal-type Pokemons. And vice versa.

In essence, the more you earn medals from the capture of a certain kind of Pokemon, it will be easier for you to catch monsters of the same type. This, however, received mixed reactions from players.

This may appear okay for some. However, some argue that - why would they aim for more of what they already 'have'. This doesn't make sense, according to those users.

It remains vague as to what the capture bonus means. There are assumptions that it will mean a ten percent increase of winning a certain level. It can mean also mean a thirty percent chance of finishing a level.

However, what is clear is that these will only be tested as soon as it goes live. Niantic further announces these updates will go live "soon."

Now going into the cheat sheet. Heads up, this are meant for players on the platform. This should not make Android users qualm. Android cheats and hacks abound elsewhere.

As enthusiasts grow in numbers, cheaters also increase. The Pokemon Go developer highly discourages these cheats, tips, and tricks that abound on the internet. This was to aim for a fair-play for everyone in capturing those monsters.

On top of the list, (formerly known as PokeBOT) remains one of the highly used cheating applications to date. This uses a simulation of certain destinations to capture Pokemons.

The most downloaded iOS cheat app has been removed from the 'Apple Store.' It used to be available for $1.99. 

Reports circulated that the app is authorized by Apple since it was available in the "Apple Store." There is no need for despair as , which is both available for Android and iOS users is still available.

It's literally like a 'test' game of an actual location to catch monsters, without any implication on your actual stats or scores. Now during the game, the application would even notify you during an actual game once you're already in that specific location.

It can also determine the shortest distance to the close possible target. It would also disguise a walk for a 'regular biking speed' hence making the player undetectable.

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