Quickly End High-Speed Pursuits With The New Grappler Bumper

Nov 07, 2016 05:52 PM EST | Staff Reporter


Data shows that around 40 percent of police car chases in U.S. end up in a crash. A staggering percentage, but now there is a chance for officers to pursue targets minus the fear of how the chase may end. The new grappler bumper is a safety catch on a firearm--but for your vehicle. Imagine being armed with a built-in tool that ultimately ends a potentially dangerous situation with one press of a button on your dashboard.

Grapple for safety

The  was inspired by extensively watching many police chase videos, says . The grappler bumper is a Y-shaped yoke, an extendable arm mechanism, that is attached to the front bumper of a police car--this carries rope webbing that snags the rear wheels of the fleeing car. Once the web entangles the wheels, it locks the rear wheels of the fleeing car stopping it in a safe and controlled manner. It offers zero vehicle to vehicle , no dangerous stingers required and the ability to stop a high-speed car chase with a flick of a switch, the grappler gives you the opportunity to handle an often hot-headed situation. The grappler sits hidden underneath the front part of a vehicle.

It's precise and bendable machinery means you can halt cars in busy traffic which mean potentially risky situations can be dealt with efficiently and effectively. Need your suspect's vehicle to stay where it is? The grappler can also be used upon apprehension. Simply grapple the tire and keep the stopped vehicle from moving any further. The grappler bumper gives you the chance to be safe with the knowledge that you can handle any dangerous pursuit perfectly.

The grappler bumper is still to be officially introduced on police cars in the U.S. Nevertheless, heads-up for shorter police car pursuits in the future.

For demonstrations, check out the video:

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