Is Apple Working On A Driverless iCar? [UPDATE]

Dec 01, 2016 04:09 AM EST | Sharee Ann Narciso-Tolentino


Apple has delved into every possible tech gadget that we can imagine, so it's only a matter of time before we start seeing driverless iCars on our streets. Are the rumors going somewhere? Is Apple actually building the car of the future?

As of now, there is no tangible evidence that there are indeed iCar plans on the table. For one, Apple has not released any press statement regarding the matter. According to , however, the company had a Canadian unit set up. The tech giant was said to have poached Blackberry subsidiary QNX engineers after being rumored to buy Lit Motors, a San Francisco startup and its patents.

Rumors are spreading that the iCar may come as early as 2020, thanks to unknown sources claiming that production will start soon. Most car firms take five to seven years to develop and produce cars, so this rumor sounds plausible.

The iCar is expected to be nothing short of innovative, as most Apple products are. Spectators are watching closely, believing that the iCar would have a Touch ID system. This will involve using the driver's fingerprint to serve as the car key. This does sound like something Apple would do and this presents a smart way to improve security and avoid losing keys ever again.

On the other hand,  posted a story on how Apple may actually be developing a self-driving car, not just a regular electric car. This is known as Project Titan.

"Apple executives had imagined an electric car that could recognize its driver by fingerprint and autonomously navigate with the press of a button. One plan sought a partially autonomous car that still had a steering wheel and pedals, while later plans migrated toward a fully autonomous vehicle," Bloomberg reports.

If this is in fact what Apple is doing behind the scenes, then we are truly in the midst of something marvelous even for the modern era. Without a doubt, there will be a lot of criticism as to the efficiency and safety of these vehicles. Does this mean that human driving is soon obsolete? Will iCars, or self-driving cars, be the future of transportation?

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