Yusaku Nakaaki Designs Regalia: The ‘Final Fantasy XV’ Luxury Car, King Regis Inspired-Vehicle Can Fly?

Dec 03, 2016 10:09 AM EST | Jessie Valenzuela


Yusaku Nakaaki shares his thoughts on designing Final Fantasy XV's car and everything about Regalia. The Square Enix genius artist gave us not just a glimpse, but also some fine details and inspiration on the virtual blueprint behind the luxury car for the latest installment of Final Fantasy video and online game series.

How did the concept of Regalia come up? Let's start unleashing the purpose of this car to one character in the Final Fantasy XV world.

The virtually designed car represents a Royal's way of life and attributes --- elegance, dignity, and intellect. As it embodies the epitome of a classy and lustrous luxury vehicle, it perfectly suits the character of its owner, King Regis. Additionally, the designer stepped a bit outside the box towards putting futuristic touch features through the movement and the maneuvering abilities Regalia possesses, according to .

But, there's more about King Regis' luxury car. If you can recall on the full trailer presented last summer when Square Enix unveiled Regalia, the video features its ability to fly, as previously reported on . Exclusively, gamers get to enjoy a feel of driving the car by land and by air once they have the video game available through XBox one and PlayStation 4. It also offers new perspectives and tactics as compared to the previous Final Fantasy runs,  reported.

Nakaaki's dwells on the fantasy-based Regalia philosophy to the real world is just like how swords and characters are created. Thus it's more realistic, but also too good to be true. He also added that one of the struggles he had to deal with is making Regalia look like a real $500,000 car in the market, which is a good thing as he was able to nail it perfectly.  

Indeed, the world of Eos is now more appealing --- thanks to Yusaku Nakaaki's design and the birth of Regalia in Final Fantasy XV.

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