Sunday Supercar Show: A Place To Shop For The Best Cars In Los Angeles; Is It Only For LA's Celebrity Car Show? [VIDEO]

Dec 05, 2016 10:28 AM EST | Jessie Valenzuela


Westfield Promenade Mall in Woodland Hills, California is a place to be on a Sunday morning for all car enthusiasts. Every Sunday morning between 7AM and 10AM, Sunday Supercar Show showcases all kinds of cars --- from the simplest top-of-the-line collection to the most-loved expensive cars. This Sunday event is also popularly known as Los Angeles' celebrity car show. 

Stephen Ottley, in one of the video clips posted on , shows the venue seemingly congested in a parking lot full of different type of cars. He said that Sunday Supercar Show is the best place to go for the rich and famous --- not just for Los Angeles folks, but also for all car enthusiasts across the globe. There is also a variety of vehicles that car buffs can choose from --- from the exceptional and out-of-the-ordinary models to the most recent hot rods, American muscle cars, tuned European sports toy, and almost just about any car out there. Sunday Supercar Show gives reasons for regular car followers and celebrities alike to splurge their money on getting one when going to the event.

Sunday Supercar Show facilitates the show in the park for 17 years now and counting. Unlike with other car events, the organizer does not require any entrance fee for others to take a glimpse on the cars being displayed. It attracts car lovers to come together and exchange discussions about cars, just like guys named Jed Lennon. Ottley cited that Lennon is one of the regular attendees of the said event. 

Supercar Sunday Show follows a Marque schedule. The schedules gives opportunity to highlight various vehicles every morning Sunday, all throughout the year. However, every second Sunday of the month is dedicated and set for Nissan as its Marque day, according to  itself. In case car fanatics want to be more prepared before going to the Sunday Supercar Show, they can also grab a copy of the show's official magazine: The Driven World Magazine.

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