GyroCycle: The World's First Self-Balancing Motorcycle [VIDEO]

Dec 13, 2016 09:22 PM EST | Joanne Zamora


The motorcycle industry will be taking a huge leap into the future with the upcoming GyroCycle. A new prototype from Thrustcycle paved the way for self-balancing motorcycles to hit the roads in 2017. 

The GyroCycle, also known as Gyroscopic motorcycle, stands upright by using internal flywheels to create a gyroscopic effect, giving the vehicle the stabilization generally felt by the rider at higher speeds. Here, however, the feel remains even when the rider's standing still. During a turn, the bike will be less likely to lose traction and slide itself under, thereby granting the rider greater control and increased safety.

The self-stabilizing GyroCycle could open up a new market for riders, old and new alike. According to , first-time riders won't have to learn how to balance such a heavy vehicle while older riders who lack strength to hold a motorcycle can say goodbye to their worries. This would make the GyroCycle a two-wheel design alternative solution to the three-wheeled bikes.

Although Thrustcycle aimed to be the first to bring GyroCycle to the market, other major players are also participating. BMW recently launched the Motorrad Vision Next 100 concept motorcycle, which showcases a self-balancing system that is said to provide stability regardless of whether a rider is at a standstill or in motion.

According to , BMW said that beginners will benefit because their bike cannot fall over while more experienced riders will enjoy the improved agility and self-stabilizing system the vehicle provides. The core technology behind the GyroCycle is rooted on safety and sustainability.

Price is often a huge issue with such high-tech vehicles. This is also, however, where the GyroCycle is more likely to standout from the competition. Although no official release of the price has been announced, Thrustcycle has suggested that its market price will be less than $20,000. The advent of the development of self-balancing motorcycles will make 2017 a historic year for the technology.

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