Ford Focus Wagon Spied At Its Early Stages Of Development

Jan 13, 2017 06:20 AM EST | Mariechris Felipe


The 2018 Ford Focus Wagon has been spied while undergoing a test session. The spotted Focus Wagon still looks unfinished and is still in its early stage of testing. However, it has been reported that it's going to have cutting edge technology and styling changes when it reaches dealerships next year.

The current generation of Ford Focus last hit the market in 2010. Since then and until today, it only has received occasional tuning and little redesigns which made people think that engineers at Ford are now working on its new generation and is ready to unveil it anytime. The proof is that the practical and family-oriented Wagon version has been spotted yesterday for the first time.

As one can see in the spy photos, the development of the Ford Focus Wagon is at a very early stage. Therefore, one can confirm that it will not reach dealers until late 2018 or early 2019 but Ford may present it sometime in the later half of this year, according to .

Nicknamed Elvis, this testing mule at first glance may be called as a "Frankenstein" car, especially in its rear which seems to have been added in a bad way just to extend the body line and resemble the dimensions of the future model of production. Luckily, being a mule, very few things will be taken over to the prototypes and then lesser to the actual production model.

In any case, what can be anticipated is that the 2018 Ford Focus Wagon will be bigger and more spacious than the current model. Recall that the current generation of the family variant of the Focus is 4.35 meters long and its wheelbase stands at 2.64 meters. Therefore, thanks to this increase in size, it will offer more passenger and compartment space. For its part, the luggage compartment will increase the carrying capacity.

Moreover, what people will see will be an evolution of the current design incorporating some of the latest news presented by the brand in its latest releases, according to . Also according to current information, the new generation of Focus will not undergo a radical change in terms of the interior but will be equipped with cutting-edge technology and new safety systems and driving aids.

Ford is one of the manufacturers leaning towards autonomous driving. And although people will not see an autonomous Ford Focus Wagon in the short term, it is clear that this experience will be reflected in their future production models.

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