Tesla Supercharger Fees Announced; $120 From LA To New York Estimated Fee

Jan 14, 2017 06:00 AM EST | Mariechris Felipe


Months ago, one of the perks of buying a Tesla car worth thousands of dollars is the free charging station. But Tesla decided to stop this privilege as some Tesla owners abused the Tesla superchargers. Now, Tesla Supercharger fees will start and the charging price has been announced yesterday.

Tesla announced at the end of 2016 that Tesla Superchargers will stop being free and today, fees had been announced for it. Most users around the globe will pay a set price per kilowatt-hour, while some states in the US will be charged per minute due to state regulations that affect electricity sales, according to .

Tesla didn't announce the fees in detail for the United States. The company only made an estimate how a trip from Los Angeles to New York will cost around $120 and a shorter trip from LA to San Francisco will cost $15. In Spain, it would cost 24 cents or about $.28 per kilowatt hour, according to . That means that a Model S P100D that has come with depleted batteries recharge will cost 24 euros, half of what it costs to fill a car with diesel engine.

It is important to note that these fees only applied for new Tesla owners, specifically those who bought their Tesla cars after Jan. 15, 2017. The first thousand of Tesla customers, those who have supported the company with their money - starting with early bookings months before making the cars - will continue to enjoy the Tesla supercharger without any fees.

However, there will also be a fee for those who abuse the superchargers and occupy a charging point for a long period of time even after the Tesla car has been fully recharged. Tesla owners will be notified first through aTesla app in their smartphones that their charge is already complete. A fee of $0.40/minute will be fine then if the owners fail to get their Tesla cars on time.

Tesla has sought a fair solution for its customers. According to the company, the prices they charge customers will be below what Tesla actually pay for those Tesla superchargers, so part of the cost is subsidized for the improvement of the company and will be used to build more Tesla superchargers. The goal of Tesla is to be able to travel the main routes without major breaks, or that there may always be a supercharger within reach in a reasonable distance.

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