Grand Pokemon Go Gen 2 Release and Specs Includes Chikorita, New Features and More

Feb 13, 2017 09:42 PM EST | Hannah Jill Jose


The newest update for the Pokemon Go is all set after its Valentines event.  Fans and gamers are surely excited for the latest report about the release of Pokemon Go Gen 2. This update is said to be nearing completion where the entire 251 index is ready to move forward and get things rolling.

Fans eagerly await what's in store for the new update,  provided a great overview of what to expect in this update. They believed that Pokemon Go Gen 2 will be bringing new beginnings and will be releasing Chikorita. What's good about introducing Chikorita is of course, fans can certainly expect other new releases from its family which is Meganium and Bayleef this year as well.

No need to worry about trading as this will still be available in the game such as trade offers, trade results, trade searches and trade responses. This change is the very first update since its release and can become a big game changer for the app.

According to , groups from the Pokemon Go Hub also made a few discoveries that Niantic, the maker of Pokemon Go, have other new hidden features waiting to be activated in the game. The news website added that new features in the game includes the customization of new avatar options, 38 new moves, 100 new Pokemon, other ways to unlock the avatar swag, new badges, support for in-app purchases, additional seven new sponsors, other Bluetooth devices are now supported, split evolution support, Shiny Pokemon support, evolution stones support, Pokemon genders support and new Critical Catch mechanics.

Other adjustments in Pokemon Go Gen 2 also includes the sizes of the characters. Instead of the usual 3 sizes of the Buddy Pokemon, now there will be a fourth which is the Baby Pokemon. This, when added using a Buddy Pokemon will be held in the arms of the gamer and is referred as Buddy Baby.

Fans will continue to hunt on the Pokemon Go Gen 2 even after Valentines. More are definitely in store for the months to come as its universe becomes larger, more exciting and definitely more fun. 


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