Which Cars Are Included In Consumer Reports List Of Used Cars You Need To Avoid Buying?

Mar 02, 2017 04:00 AM EST | Hannah Jill


Jon Linkov of Consumer Reports made a list of Used Cars that you need to avoid because of their negative reviews. This is based on their Auto Survey for some 2007-2016 models.

Buying used cars in 2017 is not much of a hassle if you keep in mind the models that you should avoid buying. A few of our car experts have identified some of the cars in their "no-no list". Do watch out for them!

Tesla 2016 Model X. Identified by  as a "family-friendly car" and fuel efficient because it's a groundbreaking electric car, it has been touted as basically expensive although great in performance, reported .

Car engineer and test driver Gabe Shenhar was quoted by  as saying that the Tesla X was high on the gadgetry but lacked practicality. The big battery pack at the car's back makes its center of gravity pretty low, which is basically good. However, the tinted large windshield up front does not successfully block out a glaring sun, and the eye-catching falcon wing doors do not open fast enough.

Honda Civic 2016. America's well-loved compact car seems to have been dumped by Consumer Reports from its recommended list of cars in 2016, reported . It mentioned that Honda Civic 2016 was struck off the list because of an exasperating touchscreen radio, un-adjustable driver seats, not enough dealers who have Honda's famed Sensing system, and a replacement of Lanewatch instead of the brand's usual blind-spot monitoring system.

2016 Honda Civic Coupe - Interior and Exterior Design  

— Best Cars (@BstCas)

 Cadillac Escalade 2015-2016. The Cadillac Escalade is one of the more unfortunate cars to have registered such a plethora of complaints, as documented by . Stylish and safe, said one customer review. However, it has one major flaw - the CUE infotainment system! It has glitches, doesn't respond immediately until six blocks away.

Another customer said it has a terrible navigation system while another said it had to have several of its main parts constantly replaced including the converter system, but the manufacturer won't accept responsibility.

Interested buyers may use this list to guide them in choosing which used cars to buy. Keep in mind that a quality used car needs to have a good engine and a very affordable price, otherwise try to choose something better.


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