NFL Champ Michael Strahan Admits He Has A ‘Multitude Of Car Depending On His Mood;’ List Of His Luxury Cars Here!

Mar 21, 2017 10:40 AM EDT | Gerone Trish


NFL Hall of Famer Michael Strahan is a certified luxury car collector. He admitted that he is really a "car guy" and that he has a "multitude of cars depending on his mood."

On normal days, Michael Strahan loves to drive his 2016 Cadillac Escalade ESV. The NFL champ rates this model with a perfect 10 (10 as the highest from a scale of 1 to 10). He especially likes this model because according to him, the ESV is very comfortable and is a very good city car with ample room for his luggage.

  I'm a car-a-holic!

— Michael Strahan (@michaelstrahan)

Included in the car collection of Michael Strahan are the 2005 Porsche Carrera GT, 2007 Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren Roadster, 2012 Rolls Royce Drophead, 2015 Porsche GT3 RS, Mercedes SL65 Black Series, 1966 Mercedes-Benz 600, 1990 Lamborghini LM002. He has rated all of these cars with a perfect 10.

Michael Strahan started collecting cars when he felt a great deal of regret from having sold his 1994 Toyota Supra. The Supra happens to be the second car he was able to acquire when he was with the New York Giants. Apparently, he had a deep emotional connection with his Supra and he went through a great of regret after selling this car.

The NFL champ admitted that there came a time when he realized he already has acquired a lot of cars that he is not even able to drive all of them the way he has been using them. He then decided to get rid of his cars so he sold his Toyota Supra.

However, Michael Strahan also felt a great deal of discomfort immediately after he has sold the Supra. Then he came to a decision that he will never again sell any of his cars. Hence, the champ began his collection of cars.

After that regretful Supra experience, the champ then begins to buy the models that he desires for himself. He then prepared a warehouse to house his car collection. He detailed that prior to acquiring a new car, he will first research about the model and determine how it will fit him and if he will be able to really use it,  reported.

Michael Strahan further admitted that as soon as he buys a new car he desired, it will be forever in his mind. This way, he will no longer sell any of his cars anymore because of how he has carefully chosen the new car and that it has already been imprinted in his mind.

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