Tesla Model S Update; The Electric Speed Racer 60 KW Model Will Soon Be Discontinued

Mar 23, 2017 09:20 AM EDT | Hannah Jill


Tesla has decided to stop the production of its cheapest Tesla Model S. This coming April, car consumer will no longer able to buy the Tesla S 60 KW.

According to , the Tesla Model S is the most affordable model in the market. The 60 KW model has actually a 75 KW capacity battery. Consumers merely have to pay extra to unlock the remaining 15 KW for a longer range and power.

But recent statistics showed that a lot of customers never took advantage of the software unlock. This is the primary reason why Tesla decided to discontinue from manufacturing and selling the model effective next month.

The Model S is a pure electric car produced by Tesla Motors. It's a 4 wheel drive single speed electric vehicle manufactured with a twist.

Unlike other 4 wheel drive cars, it has 2 motors that controlled the front wheel and the rear wheel independently. This resulted in a very efficient traction control whatever the road condition might be.

Safety is the primary goal when the car was ultimately designed. The positioning of its electric drivetrain makes it very balance that helps prevent the car from rolling over in dire situations.

 cited that the Tesla Model S carries interesting and powerful specifications. The 2 motors of this vehicle produce a combined 532 HP of raw power. It can accelerate from 0-60 miles per hour in only 2.8 seconds.

A single charge of its batteries can give you 89 to 98 miles. Top speed is around 155 miles per hour. It was reported recently that the Mode3l S P100D has broken the quarter mile record. The new record for a quarter of a mile run is 10.638 seconds. The original record is 10.723 seconds.

The Tesla Model S newest model P100D is a hypercar that has no irritating noise. This is an all electric car that is absolutely environment-friendly. It also has a great infotainment system that controls most of the cars' amazing features. This car is indeed is better than its competitors in terms of speed and features.

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