Buick Velite 5 is a Chevy Bolt for China

Mar 30, 2017 04:30 AM EDT | Yen Palec


Just a day after a teaser image was shared by Buick, a leaked official image have inadvertently confirmed that the Velite 5 car will make its imminent debut in China. Based on the photos, the Velite 5 is a second-generation Chevrolet Bolt with a Buick logo on it.

The car is not entirely just a rebrand. Buick did some minor updates in order to somehow separate the two car from each other. The Velite 5 has slightly modified headlights, upper and lower grilles, bumpers, and the new horizontal LED lights which replace the vertical ones found in the Volt.

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— Between the Axles (@BetweenTheAxles)

The Buick Velite 5 will be produced locally in China. The car will be Buick's first extended range electric vehicle which the company claims has a maximum range of more than 466 miles. However, this figure is speculated to be based on China's testing regulations. According to , when running solely on electric power, the Velite 5 will have a mileage of around 62 miles.

Buick has yet to confirm it, but there are several rumors claiming that the Velite 5 will make its official debut at this year's Shanghai Motor Show which is expected to open its doors next month. Many believe that the Velite 5 is just the first phase of Buick's electric and hybrid rollout in China. The company is expected to release more models in the country within the next two years, according to .

China is strongly pushing towards the adoption of more eco-friendly cars in the country. Aside from rolling out electric and hybrid cars, Buick's parent company, General Motors, is also expected to open a new battery manufacturing facility in Shanghai. The facility is expected to open within this year.

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