Windows 10 Announces The Best New Features Of Its Latest Creative Edition Operating System

Apr 18, 2017 11:50 PM EDT | Hannah Jill


Microsoft Windows 10 is the latest update on the Windows operating system. With a host of new features, this software has been tested by countless others. Here are some of the journalists' picks for the best cool features of Microsoft Features.

Cortana set-up. One noticeable change in Windows 10 is the . If you buy your PC pre-installed with Cortana, then you'll be guided by Cortana to seamlessly do the operations installation. Moreover, Cortana is calibrated to with new features like easy Wi-Fi, keyboard and speakers installation.

Privacy Settings. Some users find the previous Windows  a tedious process, the updated version is quite better and easier. Users are asked to go to their Online Windows Privacy Dashboard by logging in to Account.Microsoft.Com/Privacy. Users will be guided by subheadings like the Know your Privacy Settings and Learn More.

Gaming mode. One of Microsoft Windows 10 new features is increasing its "Game Mode" enjoyment. Located in the Xbox app, one new mode there is the Game Mode function. With the help of the app, it enables Microsoft to not only maximize its Game Model function but also prioritize the CPU's and GPU's energy for the Game Mode activities.

Return of the Start Menu. When Windows 8 was introduced, the start menu was deletedNow, Windows Start Menu is back again - with a vengeance! Windows 10 also eliminated Internet Explorer - obviously because it just couldn't hack it. This was replaced by Microsoft Edge.

Multiple Desktops. This comes in handy when you have to work simultaneously with many different documents online. These are very helpful for busy freelancers who do multiple tasks at the same time.

Cortana's regular reminders. When one has to be on time every time, this function is really helpful. It's will notify users of their scheduled activities. They don't need to use other apps to enjoy this feature.

Dynamic Look. With the use of your phone, you can sync your cell phone with your laptop/computer. This actually determines if you are still working on your PC.

Window Themes. They're back again! One can even download the gorgeous photos from the internet by clicking "Get More Themes in the Store" link. There is always something new for users to use depending on their preference.

Inking Maps. Basically, this feature means you can plot the distance between two points on a map using a virtual, colored felt tip pen. Nifty, all these incredible new features of Microsoft Windows 10!

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