'Clash Of Clans' April Update: Jump Spell Event Is Live, What's Next?

Apr 19, 2017 08:10 AM EDT | Mer Estrada


The latest "Clash of Clans" update brings the Jump Spell event, which means players can buy Jump Spells for a fraction of the original cost. In line with this kind of events, Supercell has cut down the price of the spell by 90 percent.

Now that the Freeze Spell event is finished, "Clash of Clans" players can now use discounted Jump Spells for their raids and wars. It allows units to jump over walls, cutting significant time and lessening the damage received by the players' troops.

The event brings down the price of a Level 1 Jump Spell, which affects the troops for 20 seconds, from 23,000 Elixirs to 2,300. A Level 2 spell would now cost 2,700 Elixirs, down 90 percent of its 27,000 original prices. The spell runs for 40 seconds. Originally worth 31,000 Elixirs, Level 3 now costs 3,700 and has a 60-second duration.

Brew Jump Spells at 90% off during this event! Cast this spell near enemy walls to create a route straight over them.

— Clash of Clans (@ClashofClans)

Other than the discount, the  brings nothing new to the game, which leads many of its players to ask where is the next big update. It has been months since the last major update, so fans have been wondering what Supercell could be planning next.

According to a previous "Clash of Clans" leak, a Shipwreck feature with a "Change Village" button can be expected soon. References to these have been found in the game files, which means these features are ready to go live anytime soon.

Unfortunately, no hints have been found as to what the functions of these features would be. Reports say that it could improve upon an in-game feature that allows players to switch to their other accounts, making it easier for them to do so.

The next "Clash of Clans" update is expected to come this April. As the month is ending soon, Supercell should be preparing to officially announce a release date by next week.

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