Mini's Fifth Superhero Takes The Form Of An EV!

Apr 26, 2017 12:00 AM EDT | Paul Urban


Mini Fifth Superhero model is recently reported to come in the form of an EV. As it gets launched sometime 2019, Mini will be capitalizing on an all-electric model as testing has been spied.

It is, however, unclear if  will be producing it in volumes or just focused on a specific niche market. Signs do point towards the direction of coming up with a volume model. Sebastian Mackensen, Mini global head said that the electric car is not meant to just have an offering so one can say they have an electric car. It is a real car and people are expected to buy it.

Many car manufacturers have ventured into producing an electric vehicle, however, results have somehow been discouraging. Mackensen doesn't want this to happen to Mini by producing an EV just for the sake of having one.

The British car brand has unfortunately been losing sales particularly in the US, but having an EV may be the answer to have it back up there once again. Producing an EV should allow the brand to return to record sales in the next few years. Obviously, intense brainstorming has led the team to this decision and not just simply joining the bandwagon.

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Because of the Brexit that happened last year, the Mini EV will not be built in the UK as originally planned. The VDL Nedcar is looked into to be contracted in building the model.

Back in 2015, BMW and Mini executives said that the brand will focus on offering five core models dubbed as "Superhero." Four were clear, however, the question had been what would become the fifth model. Mini was the first to get affected as sales have shifted to SUVs and crossovers.

As the  went on sales recently, it is expected to also help in boosting up the brand's sales. However, it may not be enough to return to record levels for this year. With the Mini Fifth Superhero as EV to be launched in 2019, coupled with the sales from Countryman, it should be enough to make Mini back in the leader board once again.

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