The Latest Updates Of Mass Effect Andromeda DLC: Why Gamers Are Disappointed?

Apr 26, 2017 09:35 AM EDT | Hannah Jill


The new update of Mass Effect Andromeda has recently been released by BioWare on Xbox One, PC, and PS4. The latest mission, however, can be played currently via multiplayer only and BioWare decides to forgo a season pass as well. Many gamers still feel that the popular game can still improve in the next updates. Read on and know why.

Mass Effect Andromeda received a number of negative criticisms since its release and BioWare is very much aware of that. The company has been improving all the aspect of this game using the feedback as a guide. Still, with this latest new update, game developers have been getting a lot of  from fans and gamers.

This, however, is not something new as other games have also encountered many criticisms too. It will be recalled that "No Man's Sky" has also suffered serious lashes from gamers. But this did not stop the Hello Games to improve the quality of its game product. 

Meanwhile, a new update for  has come in multiplayer APEX missions called the APEX Mission 05: Archon's Remnant Fortress. It features new playable characters with new items and weapons that can be used in this new mission.

It is revealed that players need to access cave systems and find out what the Archon discovered with regards to the research of the Remnant. By the time players arrived in the said cave system area, there is already a heap of mess and battles that have already ensued with many outlaws in the cave and bots everywhere.

As the game progresses, there is a small story event that is included at the end. It is revealed that a transmission that came from the lost ARK was sent to warn the Milky Way allies to keep away from the place which may pave a way for a new mission with possible new characters and a new pathway to be added. 

Unfortunately, the new update is not exactly what the players are looking for. Again, it received criticisms but it was nothing BioWare won't be able to improve on. 

Hence, with this situation, BioWare developers may need to go back on their drawing board and find out what other improvements are needed to be done on their game. On a positive note, the serious feedback the game has received clearly shows that gamers are hooked. So developers might want to take advantage of this and find out what they can do to appease their disappointments and come up with better improvements.

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