'Boruto' Episode 4: Girls Vs Boys And Summoning Jutsu; Who Wins The Class' First Race

Apr 27, 2017 10:00 AM EDT | Hannah Jill


"Boruto" Episode 4 is another showcase of the student ninja's skills. It also gave Boruto's class a valuable lesson about teamwork.

"Boruto" Episode 4 started with Shino Sensei teaching the student ninjas about the Summoning Jutsutsu through Konohamaru Sarutobi. Sensei introduced Konohamaru as the grandson of the third Hokage, Hiruzen Sarutobi. Konohamaru was able to summon Gamagoro. After the demonstration, the students approached Konohamaru asking for autographs and encouraging him to teach them about the Jutsu.

Boruto butts in teasing and calling his sensei by his first name. Konohamru didn't shrug it off and instead asked Boruto to call him sensei in class. But naughty Boruto declined.

He was then confronted by the female students. Cho-Cho even said that men have an inferiority complex. Boruto, wanting to show off took the scroll from Konohamaru and tried the summoning Jutsu but he failed to summon one.

Shino Sensei said that the Summoning Jutsu will not be activated unless the doer makes a contract with an animal. The sensei mentioned that students shouldn't start summoning animals and instead they were asked to summon ninja tools first.

Somehow, this started a rift between the student ninjas. The girls don't like the scary and ugly creatures that the boys are planning to summon. It got worst when Boruto asked the boys to summon a big animal together, Sarada told Boruto not to even think of that idea. She said she had enough of Boruto making stupid things. She mentioned their class was called the "problematic class" by other students because of him. The girls all agree that the boys are making too much trouble.

After the class they then decided to eat, the next scene of "Boruto" Episode 4 showed ordering a Yakisoba bun. Both of them were arguing about who should have the last piece left. The server said a chubby girl bought most of the buns and they recognized the girl as Cho-Cho. While Boruto was confronting Cho-Cho, Sarada bought the last piece. This got Boruto extremely mad.

Sarada and Boruto were about to fight when Shino Sensei suddenly appeared and got in between the two. He mentioned fighting in the Ninja Academy is prohibited. But he did mention that he will prepare a battleground for them.

On the next scene, Shino Sensei showed the class their battleground which is the academy. The only rule he gave was for the racers to get the flag on the rooftop of the building. He said that whoever loses will need to listen to the winners. For their , the boys will fight against the girls.

Each student ninja showed their chakras to try to outrun their enemies. Initially, the boys were leading. When they were about to enter the building. Shino Sensei showed up again and told them he made several traps in the building so the racers would feel the tension in the race. They were then divided into 3 teams. One team for all the boys and 2 teams for the girls.

Only 5 of the boys were left in the next "Boruto" Episode 4 scene including Boruto. They all tried their best to outrun the other racers. Denki played a vital role in making Boruto's team get inside the building but later on, the boys were left with no choice but to leave him. When the boys run out of options to get outside of the building. Boruto decided to use the Summoning Jutsu.

When Boruto was already on the rooftop, he saw the girls leading. He decided to unleash the Summoning Jutsu but when it was unleashed it aimed for Cho-Cho who was almost near the flag. Cho-Cho fell and Boruto and the boys saved her, all of them hanging on the edge of the roof. When the gigantic snake was about to hit them Konohamaru destroyed the animal. Unknown to them, one of the girls were able to get the flag.

Boruto Episode 4 ended with the boys and girls understanding each other. The girls were happy that Boruto saved Cho-Cho. In return, Boruto said that they will listen to everything the girls says.

Shino Sensei mentioned a valuable lesson to the class. He said that they will be able to battle their strongest enemy if they will work together as a team. Boruto's class understood it very well. That's all for "Boruto" Episode 4.

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