2018 Skoda Karoq/Yeti Seen Without Camouflage? Well, Guess Again!

Apr 28, 2017 05:30 AM EDT | Paul Urban


The 2018 Skoda Yeti/Karoq has recently been seen without much of the camouflage. It gave car experts a good idea of what to expect from this upcoming SUV from the Czech car manufacturer. But, is this really the case?

From what was spied, the  lost its usual unique styling when it received a mid-cycle facelift. With this, the 2018 Yeti/Karoq looks more like a mainstream for its second generation. However, as completely revealed as it may seem from the recent Yeti seen, it is completely not the case.

If one looks closely, there are still a good number of details camouflaged so as not be make it a dead giveaway. One interesting detail is its tail lights being hidden behind a fake white sticker which features Kodiaq's taillight design.

Almost the entire rear bumper is highly disguised under a black piece of tape which is a type of camouflage used to hide lower areas of the doors and the side skirts. The quarter glass is also obstructed by a piece of plastic. The front is also wisely disguised as the headlights take on the Kodiaq's design.

The new  Yeti could be called Karoq and it'll look a lot like the Kodiaq, and the  Ateca...  

— Auto Express (@AutoExpress)

Its interiors can't entirely be disguised as it can clearly be seen by the somehow lightly tinted window. As usual, the 2018 Skoda Yeti/Karoq comes in as simplistic as it can be. There is nothing extra special to make one jump out of their seats. However, it remains to be highly functional with all of the buttons in the right places.

The 2018 Skoda Yeti/Karoq is also expected to share its mechanical package with . It is also highly likely to share its key dimensions with the short-wheelbase VW. If it's "supposed" undisguised car keeps everyone from rethinking, Skoda still has a trick up its sleeve.

It is still unsure if the Yeti will be its name, or may entirely be changed to Karoq. This is suggested by a leaked presentation slide which shows the brand's crossover plans which include three new models such as Kodiaq coupe, Model K and Model Q codenames. Whatever it is, the 2018 Skoda Yeti/Karoq promises to deliver as expected.

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