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Tesla Model S P100D vs Tesla Model S P90D

Model S P100D VS Model S P90D: Watch the Battle of EV Titans Here!

A drag race unlike any other when a Model S P100D is pitched against the Model S P90D. It surely is not the usual drag race that we might have come across so far when its the Model S P100D that is pitched against the P90D. The P100D wins but by what margin. The video has it all. more

Nissan Leaf

Nissan Slated To Launch New Supermini Which Will Be Cheaper Than The New Leaf, Demos New Self Driving Leaf

Nissan could be working on new electric supermini that will be cheaper than the new Leaf, while a specially-modified Leaf was recently used to demo self-driving tech. more

Electric VW Beetle

Classic Beetle Transformed Into An EV, Gets 100 Mile Range, 0 - 62mph Comes Up In Under 10 Seconds

Those who simple adore their classic cars but love the ease and efficiency of electric vehicles can have their timeless beauties transformed into an EV from Classic Electric Cars. more


Singapore's Uber Rivan, Grab Launched 'Robo-Car' In Partnership With NuTonomy

Grab stated the trial run will continue for two months and will be available free to its commuters during the time. more

The Scania Clock

14 Scania Trucks, 90 Drivers And The World's Largest Clock Running For 24-Hours Straight

Scania has put the ball straight in Volvo's court by creating the world's largest clock with 14 trucks making up the second, minute and hours hand. more

Mercedes-Benz F 015

Mercedes Has A Treasure Trove Of Self-Driving Technologies It Had Perfected Back In Mid-80s

Mercedes and self-driving cars might not be as associated as Tesla is with its Autopilot system at the moment though the fact is the German manufacturer has perfected the technology three decades back. more

2017 Toyota Mirai

2017 Toyota Mirai Price Start At $58,365, Same As 2016 Model, Future Mirais To Be Powered By Human Poop

Toyota has kept the price of the new 2017 Mirai unchahned, as it also announced its plans to produce hydrogen fuel from human sewage waste. more

Russian ATV Taurus 2x2 All-Terrain Motorcycle

The Taurus 2 x 2 Foldable All-Terrain Motorcycle From Russia Is Designed To Do On Two Wheels What A 4WD Car Does

The Taurus 2 x 2 seems best suited for adventure or fun trips or special missions such as search & rescue operations and such. more


McLaren Has Denied It Is Being Acquired By Apple

McLaren has denied reported of Apple making an investment in the company as experts speculate how the British supercar manufacturer could be of interest to Apple. more

Tesla Model S

Tesla Is Up For Another Legal Hassle In Norway Where It Faces Another Lawsuit Over Charges Of Underpowered Model S P85D Cars

Tesla is being charged in Norway for selling Model S P85D cars that perform beow par than what has been advertised for the car. more

Faraday Future

Faraday FutureTo Source Battery Cells From LG Chem In A Deal Worth $2.4 Billion

The deal is believed to have been signed in August but has not been reported owing to South Korea's deployment of the American THAAD anti-missile systems which led to tensions with China. more

Euro 6 emission regulation

New Independent Study Reveals All Diesels Cars In Europe To Be heavy Polluters

A new study has brought to light that almost all diesel vehicles sold in Europe pollute severak times more than what the Euro 6 regulations allow. more

Tesla Model S

Role Of Autopilot Uncertain In The Latest Model S Crash Reported In Norway

Authorities or Tesla are yet to conclude if the Model S that crahed on a highway in Norway is the result of an erring Autopilot system that has failed to detect a stationary object. more

2017 Jaguar F-PACE vs  Land Rover Discovery Sport

Jaguar's New SVO Tuned Range-Topping F-Pace SVR Is Likely To Have 500-Plus HP On Tap

The new F-Pce SVR will have a more aggressive front end while the chassis and suspension too could be enhanced to cope up with the added power surge. more

2017 Porsche Panamera Diesel

2017 Porsche Panamera 4S Diesel Could Be Targeting Giulia Lap Time At Nurburgring

Seemingly improbable but Panamera could be trying to better the laptime set by Giulia at the Nurburgring with the diesel version of the 2017 Panamera. more

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