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Porsche Panamera

Porsche Panamera 4E Hybrid Returns 113mpg, Does 0 - 62 mph In 4.4 Secs

The latest Porsche 4E Hybrid might not be as quick as its Turbo stable mate but is among the most fuel efficient across the board while being signiicantly less polluting than its petrol or diesel counterparts. more

Porsche Cayenne

Porsche Cayman Mustang Boss 302 Engine Swap: European Style With All-American Power

When American Muscle meets European finesse, a satisfying, powerful union happens. more

Sony PlayStation 4

PlayStation 4 News & Updates: YouTube, Netflix Apps Arrive Introducing 4K HDR Videos

Sony announced the launch of new Netflix and YouTube apps that has been developed specifically to make the most of the consoles new 4K playback and HDR capabilities. more

Apple iPhone 7

Apple Speeds Up iPhone 7 Pre-Orders And Release Before Samsung Can Recover From The Galaxy Note 7 Battery Scandal

Apple seems to be rushing with deliveries of the new iPhone 7 and 7 Plus devices looking to capitalize on the Note 7 scandal that Samsung has found itself in at the moment. more

3D Map

Japan Creating 3D Maps To Help Boost Autonomous Car Technology

Japan is pushing hard to create 3D maps of its entire roadways which will serve as a backbone to feed autonomous cars with all the data it needs to driving on its own. more

Sono EV

Sono Motors' New Solar-Powered EV Gets $200,000 Crowdfund Support; Sion To Launch In 2018

The German start-up Sono Motors is the newest kid in town to come up with an affordable electric vehicle. The Sion, as the company's breakthrough car is named, will also have a solar panel fitted onto it to add another 18 miles to the range. more

Tesla Model X

Tesla Model Y vs Tesla Model 3: Top Reasons the Compact SUV is a Better Investment for the Carmaker

Tesla might be working hard to launch enough Model 3 vehicles by 2018, though experts believe it would have see far greater demand had it launched an affordable SUV instead. more

Stranger things

'Stranger Things' Season 2 News: Will Eleven Make A Remarkable Comeback?

The Duff brothers have announced the coming of season two of "Stranger Things," which they have promised will be different and darker than season one. more

MacBook Pro

MacBook Pro 2016: Rumored Release Date, Specs and Features Discussed

Here is a roundup of what the new 2016 MacBook Pro devices will be like, what are its likely specs, when they are likely to be launched or what new features those will come to have. more


Samsung Hybrid Smartphone Likely In The Works Running Android And Windows Platforms

Samsung has filed a new patent in South Korea that indiate a new Galaxy device could be in the making which hosts both Windows and Android operating systems, allowing for a seamless working environment aco the OSs. more

2017 Chevy Bolt

2017 Chevy Bolt: 'One Pedal' Regenerative Braking To Aid Battery Efficiency

The new 2017 Bolt will allow for regenerative braking that can be actuated via a single pedal behind the steering to to channel power back to the battery. more

ДТП на Кутузовском проспекте 02.09.2016

Russian President's Official Limo Crashes In Moscow Killing Putin's Favorite Chauffeur On The Spot

The black BMW 7-Series that is registered with the Russian Federation Council suffered a head-on collision with a black Mercedes CLS. One person died in the incident. more


Experiment Reveals that Brain Circuit Contributes to Sleep-Wake Cycle

Scientists claims to have hit upon the specific region of the brain that deals with the sleep or wake functionality of invertebrates. more

ESA Attempts To Land Probe On Comet

Philae Lander's Grave Finally Found on Comet Near-2-Year Search

The European Space Agency's Philae lander that has had a not too smooth touchdown on comet 67P has finally been found just weeks before the mother ship Rosetta itself prepares to dive onto the comet's surface. more

2016 Mercedes-AMG GT S

New Mercedes-AMG 1,300-HP Hypercar Set for Paris Debut

The rumored Mercedes AMG R50 seems to be inching closer to the production lines. more

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