3D printing

Uber Experiments With Driverless Cars

Best Auto Trends 2017: Driverless Cars, Augmented Reality And More

Much like cars being crammed onto streets during peak hours, automative tech trends are also multiplying like bunnies. Learn what's in store for auto trends this 2017. more

Honda's 3D-Printed Car

Honda's New Small Car Is 3D Printed, Electric Powered And Is Designed For Courier Duties

Honda has devised a method of mass producing cars using 3D printing tech under collaboration with Kabuku and will have a range of around 80 miles. more


Game of Thrones ‘Winterfell Castle’ Comes To Life through 3D Printing

The Castle of Winterfell, home to the Starks of the North, has come to life in a 3D-printed replica of the iconic structure. more


Carpenter Builds 'Robohand' after Losing Fingers

A carpenter in South Africa who lost four fingers while working teamed up with a mechanical effects artist to launch Robohand. more

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