iPhone 6

WireLurker Malware Infiltrates Apple Devices

The Internet of things is growing, but so is the capability of malicious software. more


Secret, Snapchat Aren't That Secure

The Electronic Frontier Foundation has graded 39 messaging services on security. more

Twitter Logo

IBM To Use Data from Tweets

The business partnership will tap Twitter analytics to influence business decisions. more

Google Car

Auto Industry Should Watch Out for Connected Cars

Will connected vehicle systems change the face of the auto industry? more


Sapphire iPhone Could Cost $100 More

Apple has invested millions into a new iPhone model with a scratch-resistant screen. more

Apple Fifth Avenue Store

Apple Store Gets Patent

The Fifth Avenue cube-shaped building is now protected by a 14-year patent granted to Apple this week. more

Secret App

Secret Banned in Brazil

A judge has ruled that the anonymous app violates Brazil's constitution. more


Microsoft on Fifth Avenue?

Sources told the Daily News that Microsoft is looking to set up a retail location on Fifth Avenue near 53 Street. more


Apple: Google Did It, Too

According to an email obtained by Politico, Apple's top lawyer wrote to an FTC official soon after the company paid millions to consumers whose children made unauthorized app purchases. more

iPhone 5S

Apple Scores New Patent

Apple has secured a patent to stabilize screen displays with a process that uses LiquidMetal. more

Chérie King iPad Air Your Verse

iPad Launches New Ads

In two new ads for the "Your Verse" campaign, the iPad Air helps a travel writer and a composer. more

Tim Cook

Lunch with Tim Cook for $330,000

A lunch date with Tim Cook has sold for $330,000, which is just a little more than half of the price of a similar auction last year. more


Apple Snaps Up Nokia Camera Engineer

Will PureView-like technologies be on the next generation of Apple devices? more

Apple Logo

Apple's Katie Cotton Retires after 18 Years

Apple has announced that the communications executive is retiring after more than 18 years with the company. more

Apple Versus Samsung

Apple Wins $120 Million in Samsung Lawsuit

A U.S. jury awarded a mere $120 million in damages to Apple on Friday, a fraction of the $2.2 billion the company had sought. more

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