Volkswagen Senior Directors Meet For Crisis Talks As Emissions Scandal Widens

Porsche Owners In The US Plan To Sue Volkswagen In Demand For Dieselgate Compensation Package

There seems a new legal tangle brewing against Volkswagen with owners of the 'dirty' 3.0-liter V6 TDI in the US contemplating class action lawsuit against the automaker. This if true will open up a new front for Volkswagen to deal with in the aftermath of its infamous dieselgate scandal. more

Audi Q2

Audi Q2 Edition 1 Released, Small SUV Special Edition Available Only In The UK

The Audi Q2, Audi's newest nameplate to hit the market had just been launched in Pebble Beach. It's edition No. 1 will be a top of the range special limited edition that will only be available in the United Kingdom, for now. more

European Automotive Market

New Audi Vehicle Tells You How Long You Have to Wait at a Traffic Light

Audi will be introducing a new feature this Fall – a traffic light information system that will estimate how long drivers will have to sit at a red traffic light until it turns green. more

2015 Audi A4

Audi Cars Will Know How Long to Wait at the Red Light With the New V2I System

Audi has announced the launch of its new vehicle-to-infrastructure platform which it said will mark a new phase in the connected cars strategy which car makers believe is the future of driving. In the more immediate term, a few of Audi's future vehicles will get to know - and inform drivers accordingly - how long they have got to wait at the red light. more

sophiabush there is magic out there

Viral News:Audi Helps A Couple In Making Their Dream Wedding Come True

A couple from California had experienced the saying that "love has no boundaries." Thanks to the help of family, friends, social media, and German automobile company, Audi. more

Audi A3 Press Conference

New Suspension Energy Regeneration Technology Developed By Audi Motors

Electrical energy that is recovered from the braking process that happens is a common one for hybrid and electric cars. more

BMW Series 5

In-depth Look At The 2017 BMW 5 Series: Release Date And Specs Revealed!

The All-new BMW 5 Series will be out in early 2017. New variants with varying engines and interior designs will soon be out. Check out the details below. more

The Volkswagen Jetta hybrid on display =

U.S. International Trade Commission Will Investigate Paice's Lawsuit Against Volkswagen Over Hybrid Cars

The United States International Trade Commission will be investigating the lawsuit of Paice against Volkswagen. This is after Paice claimed that the hybrid electric vehicles that Volkswagen uses are owned by Paice. more

Geneva Motor Show 2016

Tesla Acquired Audi Executive to Serve in Vehicle Production

Elon Musk's visions are still continuing even though he just released the new self-driving car of Tesla and now has tapped the Volkswagen executive, Peter Hochholdinger. The Tesla Motors' move is to make him work the impossible tasks as vice president of vehicle production. more

BMW Celebrates 100th Anniversary

BMW Deliveries Increase To 1.9 Percent For April 2016; Audi Has Steady Gains And Shares For First Quarter

BMW Group has increased its deliveries for the month of April this year as compared to last year. Audi, on the other hand, continues to increase their sales and gain shares for the first quarter of the year. more

The Impossible Reservation: Philadelphia, Presented By Audi

Audi Bags "Most Innovative Brand" For 2016

The German car maker also took home two coveted awards during the event. more

AMI Auto Show Press Day

Audi's New 400-Horsepower TT RS Is Everyone You Want To Happen In A Sports Car

The new Audi TT sports car features 400 horsepower and a state of the art design. more

Volkswagen Announces Further Steps In Emissions Scandal Resolution

Volkswagen Case Over Diesel Emission Issues Persist, Other Manufacturers Faces Consumer Fraud Lawsuit

Volkswagen's legacy is being threatened along with Audi and Porsche over the consumer fraud lawsuit. more

Electronic Car Maker Telsa Reports Quarterly Earnings

Beverly Hills Wants Self-Driving Cars, Will Tesla, Audi, Google, Mercedes-Benz, Nissan Enter the Market and Streets?

Beverly Hills aims on using the technology of Self-Driving Cars. more

The Impossible Reservation: Philadelphia, Presented By Audi

Audi And Volkswagen Dilly-Dallies In Releasing Quarterly Earnings, Question Is Why?

Audi and Volkswagen are delaying the release of their company's earnings and have eluded the reason for the delay as well. more

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