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Bugatti Chiron

A Bugatti Chiron For $1.2 Million Is Just Too Good To Be True

A man was selling his Bugatti Chiron on Craigslist for $1.2 million, and yes, it was all a faux. more

Woman Puts Cheating Ex-Boyfriend's 'Batmobile' On Craigslist

Woman Puts Cheating Ex-Boyfriend's 'Batmobile' On Craigslist For $15,000

A Michigan woman decided that the best way to get back at her ex-boyfriend for cheating on her would be to sell his prized “Batmobile” on Craigslist. more

Craiglist Nissan

Craigslist Killer Caught? Man Arrested on Suspicion of Shooting Car Seller

Police have arrested a Missouri man on charges of shooting a civil engineering student dead during a meeting setup through Craigslist earlier this week. more

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