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Uber Is Deploying Drones To Display Ads To Motorists During Traffic Jams In Mexico

Uber has hit upon a unique advertising method using drones that hover over motorists caught in traffic jams in Mexico. more

Ford Motor Company Offers Auto Car Service to Employees

Ford Motor Company Offers Auto Car Service to Employees

This is one of the company's steps in going on a path of having driverless cars in the near future. more

Inside The 2016 Consumer Electronics Show

Uber's First Self-Driving Cars Will Be On The Roads Of Pittsburgh, Will Have Trained Drivers Inside

Uber's self-driving cars will be on the streets of Pittsburgh. This is the first time that the ride-hailing company used driverless cars for their service. more

BMW Launches i3 Electric Car Production

Here's 2016's Best And Environment-Friendly Electric Cars

Let's recap on the best and cost-effective electric cars that are for release this year. more

Geneva Motor Show 2016

Volvo Does Driverless Trials, "Drive Me London" In The UK In 2017

Swedish brand Volvo will be hosting a number of people who would take part in the driverless car trials by next year. more

Lyft in San Francisco

GM President Dan Amman Sees Uber & Lyft's Success in Driverless Car Trend

Uber and Lyft could be using self-driving cars soon. But for now, their drivers are required to file business licenses. more

Consumer Electronics Show Highlights Newest Technology

NHTSA Builds Trust On Self-Driving Tech

The federal agency Nhtsa is helping consumers understand autonomous cars technology. more

New York City Battles Through Another Winter Storm

How Self-Driving Vehicles Will Deal With Snow

Ford is working to improve autonomous cars’ capacity to deal with difficult driving conditions such as snow. more

Delphi Automotive Showcases Its Driverless Car, After Completing Cross Country Trip

Highly Detailed Maps Are Designed To Guide Driverless Cars

A Berlin-based mapping company helps designing highly detailed maps for autonomous cars. more

Car Makers Reveal New Models At N. American International Auto Show In Detroit

Volvo Plans To Test Its Self-Driving Cars In US

Volvo announced that in the next years it will test its driverless cars on the public roads in the United States. more

Transportation Sec'y Foxx Discusses Future Transportation Trends With Google CEO

Self-Driving Cars Still Not Ready For The Road, Says US Experts

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has said that it may be too soon to have self-driving cars on the road. more

85th Geneva International Motor Show - Day 1

Uisee Technology Goes Forward For Autonomous Driving

Uisee Technology in China is getting recognized for its take on the driverless concept. more

Toyota's Self-Driving Car

Toyota's First Driverless Car Coming In 2020

Toyota has revealed Tuesday its intentions to take on Google and other Silicon Valley giants in the self-driving car race with its goal of launching its first autonomous vehicle by 2020. more


Google Self-Driving Cars Could Have Pedestrian Bumper Air Bags

Google has been awarded a new patent that shows an external airbag system in action that inflates if a car hits a pedestrian or another object, according to the patent filing. more

Google Car

California on Deadline for Self-Driving Rules

Required by law to set regulations for autonomous vehicles by the end of the year, the California Department of Motor Vehicles had an initial meeting this week to discuss potential problems with self-driving cars. more

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