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Google's Made with Code at iHeart Media's 2016 Jingle Ball Pre-Show Village

Google Terminates Drone Project

Google terminated Project Titan back in 2016 after technical and financial problems. more


Uber Is Deploying Drones To Display Ads To Motorists During Traffic Jams In Mexico

Uber has hit upon a unique advertising method using drones that hover over motorists caught in traffic jams in Mexico. more

Mercedes-Benz Launches New A-Class Production

Mercedes-Benz and Matternet Teaming Up in Creating Delivery Vans With Drones

While the van is still in its concept phase, the idea behind it is quite promising. The van will serve as a launching pad for the Matternet M2 drones enabling the operator to send out multiple small packages to consignees while the operator himself/herself delivers a heavier parcel by foot. more

2002 Ford Taurus

Nebraska Man FIlms Craigslist Commercial to Sell 2002 Ford Taurus

Forget posters, drones are the new way to go when it comes to selling a car. more

Prototype of Personal Drone Detection System

Drone Detection System Launches

A new company claims to be developing a drone detection system to protect your privacy from unauthorized drones. more

Google Logo

Google Owns Drones Now

Google's latest purchase is Titan Aerospace, a New Mexico startup with drone models that can reportedly fly for years without having to come down. more


QuiQui Drones Deliver Drugstore Items in SF

A new company will be delivering prescription medicine and basic pharmacy items by drone in the Mission District of San Francisco. more

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