drunken driving

Key in Ignition

New Jersey Looks at Ignition-Lock Law

Under the new law, convicted DUI offenders would have to pay to put a device on their car's ignition that would keep the vehicle from starting for blood alcohol readings of more than 0.5 percent. more


Ride-Sharing Reduces DUI Incidents?

Uber has partnered with MADD for a new study showing that ride-sharing services may help stop potential drunk drivers. more

Key in Ignition

California Considers Ignition Locks

A state senator is proposing legislation that would put devices in DUI offenders' cars to prevent the vehicle from starting until a breathalyzer test is passed. more


Maryland Launches ENDUI App

Maryland has rolled out a detailed app to help keep intoxicated drivers off the road. more

Drunken Driver Gets Stuck on Golden Gate Bridge

3 Unusual DUI Reports

A suspected drunken driver wedged his Ford Mustang into the pedestrian walkway of the Golden Gate Bridge this week, among other reckless incidents. more


Drunken Driving Record?

John Lourenco was arrested four times on charges of drunken driving in just a day and a half. more

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