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electric vehicle

Tesla Master Plan

Tesla Shares Second Part Of Master Plan To Utopia

The world was surprised with the release of Tesla CEO, Elon Musk's new master plan that is titled, "Master Plan, Part Deux". more

Tesla Uber

Tesla Partners With Uber In Building The Future

Why is Tesla Partnering with Uber in Making the Future cooler? more

Electric Road Trip

Tesla Motors’ “Electric Road Trip” To Hit The Roads This Summer

Tesla starts its first ever "Electric Road Trip" tour to celebrate the 2.5 billion miles mileage coming from electric cars this summer. more

Go Ultra Low Electric Vehicle Chargepoint

Auto Industry Now Believes Electric Vehicles Are Superior, Higher Record Number Of Sales Expected This Year

EVs are becoming a favorite amongst people who actually owned them. more

Tesla Model S Autopilot

Drivers Testing Out Tesla Model S' Self-Driving Capabilities (VIDEO)

Tesla Model S owners can now sit back while their car drives on local streets, highways, locates a parking spot and parallel parks. more


Tesla Model 3 EV To Be Released In 2018

The car was set to hit the market in 2017 but the debut had been pushed back. more

2015 Kia Soul EV

Driving the Kia Soul EV, the electric hatchback with a kick

The quickest Kia Soul is also the electric one. more

EO 2 Smart Car

Meet the Incredible Shrinking Electric Car, the EO Smart Connecting Car 2

The car, which is currently a prototype, folds itself so it can shrink. more

Chevrolet Bolt EV

The Chevrolet Bolt EV Is Officially Coming

Will it live up to the hype of the 200-mile concept car from Detroit? more

CarPlay Apple's Stephen Chick displays the CarPlay program at the Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco, Calif.

Apple's Threat to the Auto Industry

Don't underestimate Apple. more

BMW i3

BMW i3 Sales Falter in Germany

BMW dealers have only delivered half of i3 models projected to be sold in the first nine months of the year. more

2015 Chevrolet Volt

Chevy Developing New EV

GM's Chevrolet has a new electric vehicle in the works that will stand beside the Chevy Volt and the Spark EV. more

Kia Soul

Kia Soul Offers Cheap Lease

The Soul starts at $34,500 with shipping fees. more

Volkswagen E-Golf

Volkswagen's E-Golf Is Strong First Electric Offering

Volkswagen's 2015 e-Golf offers smooth handling and 70 to 90 miles of battery range in standard mode. more

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