Elon Musk

Tesla Model S

Tesla Sets Record For Second Quarter Car Deliveries

Tesla looks to reach its end of the year goal of 55,000 deliveries. more

Tesla Model S

Model X Update: Elon Musk Says Expect Deliveries by This Fall

Tesla has announced that it will start shipping out its Model X SUV within the next three to four months. more


Tesla Now Sells Used Model S EVs Online

Tesla has started selling used vehicles on its website. more


Elon Musk Passed on His 2014 Tesla Salary, Still Made Millions

Elon Musk's total compensation package in 2014 was $35,36. more

Tesla Model S

Tesla Announces 10,030 Q1 Global Delivieres in First Sales Report

Tesla reached another big milestone on Friday as the electric vehicle automaker announced it delivered 10,030 cars during the first quarter of 2015. more


Tesla Developing Home Batteries

In a recent earnings call, Elon Musk said that Tesla should put home batteries into production in around six months. more

2015 Tesla Model S P85D

Report: Apple Wooing Tesla Employees

While Apple has "tried very hard," it hasn't managed to snag very many Tesla employees, according to Elon Musk. more

Model X?

Tesla's Model X in the Wild?

The Model X appears to have been captured at Alameda Airport. more

2015 Tesla Model S P85D

Tesla To Release 2014 Earnings

Tesla will announce 2014 sales on Feb. 11. more

Elon Musk

Musk: Auto Industry Should Bet on Electric

Major automakers need to "make risky decisions" to develop electric vehicles, Musk said. more


Musk Donates $14 Million to AI Research

No mention of demons this time. more

Elon Musk

Tesla Shares Take a Hit

Tesla shares have fallen to $185 after losing about a third of their value from a record close of $286.04 in September. more

2014 Tesla Model S Picture

Tesla Launches Battery Swap

The program lets certain Tesla Model S owners bring their cars in to switch out their battery packs for charged ones. more

Elon Musk

Startup Working on Musk's 'Hyperloop'

Some of Silicon Valley's cool kids are working on the ultimate afterschool project: a travel system that carries passengers at more than 760 mph between cities. more


Tesla Still Wants Texas

Texas legislators are returning to work next month--will they revisit the Tesla question? more

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