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Manatee No Longer Endangered?

The manatee could be reclassified as "threatened." more


Wolverine Denied Protected Status

The U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service last year proposed that the species needed federal protection due to climate change. more


Pangolins Could Become Extinct

The anteater species could become extinct if illegal hunting and poaching continue. more

California Condor

Condor Chick Born in Utah

A baby condor has hatched in Zion National Park. more

Wood Stork

Wood Stork No Longer Endangered

The American wood stork population has grown throughout the Southeast after conservation efforts. more

Asiatic Cheetah

Iran Conserves Cheetah

The cat's population in Iran has fallen from around 400 in the 1990s. more

Prairie Chicken

Environmental Groups File Lawsuit for Bird

Environmental groups and the energy sector are battling about the at-risk bird's status. more

Razorback Sucker Fish

Endangered Fish Back in Grand Canyon

Scientists aren't sure exactly why the razorback sucker is back, but larval fish have been spotted in nine locations. more

Taylor's checkerspot butterfly

Army Protects Endangered Butterfly

The Army is working to protect an endangered butterfly that is thriving on the biggest artillery range at a Washington base. more

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