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GinzVelo Tricycle Goes 120 MPH, Aims To Provide Safer Cycling

GinzVelo Tricycle Can Go 120 MPH, Aims To Provice Safer Cycling

Those wondering if a tricycle would ever be able to travel as fast as a car may soon see that idea become a reality. more

PlyFly Go-Kart

DIY Go-Cart Is a 'Breeze'

The wooden roadster comes in three boxes of parts and can purportedly be put together in less than a day. more

Hendo Hoverboard

Couple Develops Real-Life Hoverboard

The Kickstarter project works through the power of repelling magnets to allow its rider to hover in the air. more

I Know Where Your Cat Lives

Site Maps Cat Photos

A new project has mapped cat images around the world using geographic data attached to each photo. more

Prototype of Personal Drone Detection System

Drone Detection System Launches

A new company claims to be developing a drone detection system to protect your privacy from unauthorized drones. more


Kickstarter Updates Rules

Kickstarter has relaxed its project guidelines in a change that pits it against Indiegogo. more

LeVar Burton Reading Rainbow Kickstarter

'Reading Rainbow' Returns

LeVar Burton has launched a Kickstarter campaign to put "Reading Rainbow" on the web for families and schools. more

Robotics Unlimited OutRunner Project

Buy Your Own Running Robot

The six-legged OutRunner robot can reach speeds of 20 mph. more


Film Your Own GIFs with the Otto Camera

Otto, a new Kickstarter project, is a camera that can film GIFs and send them to your phone through an app. more

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