Moon Express Becomes the First Company to be Granted Permission to Land on Moon

For the first time ever, a company that goes by the name Moon Express has been granted the permission to land on the moon. Technically, the company has been allowed to travel beyond the earth's orbit though for Moon Express, that entails travelling all the way to the moon. more


Audi Rover Aims To Land On The Moon In 2017 (VIDEO)

Audi plans to launch its rover in 2017. more

Saturn Geysers

Saturn Moon Has Geysers

Enceladus, one of Saturn's moons, has at least 101 geysers shooting water vapor and ice, according to two new studies. more

Europa (Jupiter Moon)

NASA Calls for Mission Ideas

NASA hopes to send a robotic mission to Europa, one of Jupiter's moons, in the 2020s. more


NASA Plans Asteroid Mission

NASA is considering 2011 MD, an asteroid that passed close to the Earth three years ago, for its mission to place a space rock in orbit around the moon. more

Full moon

Ancient Impact Flipped Moon?

A recent study shows that the moon's magnetic fields may have shifted suddenly due to a collision or other space disturbance. more


NASA Plans To Put People on Mars

NASA has detailed broad steps of a plan to get astronauts on the surface of Mars by the 2030s. more


Could Saturn Moon Support Life?

Based on images of geysers and the object's gravitational pull, scientists believe one of Saturn's moons has a substantial ocean that could make it habitable. more


Total Lunar Eclipse Expected on Tax Day

A total lunar eclipse will turn the moon red in the early morning on April 15. more

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