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New Jersey

Key in Ignition

New Jersey Looks at Ignition-Lock Law

Under the new law, convicted DUI offenders would have to pay to put a device on their car's ignition that would keep the vehicle from starting for blood alcohol readings of more than 0.5 percent. more

Red Light

NJ Ending Red-Light Cameras

The program has brought in millions of dollars for about two dozen New Jersey municipalities. more


NJ To Axe Red-Light Cameras?

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie has indicated that the close of a five-year pilot program may end red-light cameras in the state. more

Elon Musk

New Jersey Wants Tesla Back

The New Jersey Assembly has approved a bill that would allow Tesla to conduct its direct sales model in the state. more

New Jersey Shore

Whale Killed by Dolphin Virus

A Minke whale that washed up on the New Jersey shoreline last month has tested positive for a virus that has been spreading among dolphins. more

New Jersey Shore

Groups Fight Seabed Study

A group of researchers wants to gather seismic images of the ocean floor, but local environmental advocates say the sound will disturb marine life too much. more

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