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PlyFly Go-Kart

DIY Go-Cart Is a 'Breeze'

The wooden roadster comes in three boxes of parts and can purportedly be put together in less than a day. more

Mini Rocketman Concept

BMW, Toyota May Develop Mini

Will BMW and Toyota further their partnership by creating a new Mini? more

Prototype of Personal Drone Detection System

Drone Detection System Launches

A new company claims to be developing a drone detection system to protect your privacy from unauthorized drones. more

New Jersey Shore

Groups Fight Seabed Study

A group of researchers wants to gather seismic images of the ocean floor, but local environmental advocates say the sound will disturb marine life too much. more


$1 Billion Physics Project Proposed

A panel of physicists has outlined a two-decade plan to build a particle generator 800 miles under ground. more


NASA Eyes Manned Mars Mission

NASA is looking to send a manned mission to Mars in about 20 years. more

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