Raw: Toyota Unveils New Talking Mini Robot

Toyota Launches Kirobo Mini AI To Accompany Drivers [DETAILS]

Toyota has officially announced Kirobo Mini, an AI robot that can communicate with drivers while on travel. more

Assembly Robots

Assembly Robot Crushes Worker To Death

The 21-year-old victim suffered severe chest contusions, resulting in his death. more


Toyota's Kirobo Robot Astronaunt Sets Two Guinness World Records

Two Guinness World Records titles have been awarded to Kirobo. more

Botlr Robotic Butler

Hotel Has Robot Butler

A Silicon Valley startup has developed a robotic butler that can bring requested items to guests' rooms. more


Indiegogo Launches Family Robot

Jibo is designed to be a family companion with a human-like personality. more

Pepper Robot from Softbank

Museum Unveils Robot Guides

Kodomoroid and Otonaroid can move their upper bodies while "talking" through prerecorded speech. more

Pepper Robot from Softbank

Robot Knows Emotion

A new robot developed by a French robotics firm is said to be able to process human emotions based on voice and expressions. more

Robotics Unlimited OutRunner Project

Buy Your Own Running Robot

The six-legged OutRunner robot can reach speeds of 20 mph. more


Robot Implodes 6 Miles under the Sea

A robotic vehicle called Nereus lost with its research team during a trip more than 6 miles below the ocean's surface. more


21 Human Emotions Identified

Researchers have added nuance to the six basic "emotion categories" with shades in between that include "fearfully surprised" and "happily disgusted." more


Robots Are Coming for Your Job

A recent study has shown that 47 percent of employed Americans could be replaced at their jobs by robots. more

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