Bloodhound Supersonic Car

Bloodhound Supersonic Car Set To Break Land Speed Record, Hit 1,000 MPH

The Bloodhound project is being brought back to set a new world land speed record with a rock-powered car designed to hit 1,000 mph in 55 seconds. more

Mount St. Helens

Mount St. Helens Studied

Geophysicists have been working to map the volcanic inside of Mount St. Helens through seismic waves. more

Kate Clancy Science Study

Study Shows Assault, Harassment in Fieldwork

Sixty-four percent of people working in various scientific disciplines have been targeted with sexual harassment, according to a new survey of 600 researchers. more

Global Warming Crop Yields

Scientists Map Wheat Genome

Wheat's genome sequence has around 100,000 genes. more

Electric Eel

Study Analyzes Electric Eel

The electric eel's special muscle-like organ that produces 600 volts of electricity is based on a set of 30 genes used in other species. more


Study Ups Extinction Rate

A new study shows evidence that between 100 and 1,000 species disappear every year. more

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