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Ford Self-Driving Car

Ford's Self Driving Car Out By 2021? See Its First Appearance Here

Ford is adding up to the car companies that will launch a self-driving car. The automaker plans to unveil the model by 2021. more

Ford Motor Company Offers Auto Car Service to Employees

Ford Motor Company Offers Auto Car Service to Employees

This is one of the company's steps in going on a path of having driverless cars in the near future. more

An Apple CarPlay screen

Apple vs. Google: Which Tech Titan Will Produce A Better Electric Car?

Apple has an undergoing product called "Project Titan." On the other hand, Google is also making "self-driving cars." Which of these two tech titans will produce a better electric car? more

German F1 Grand Prix - Previews

Self-Driving Car Manufacturers Scrutinized Over Alleged Unsafe Car Features, False Marketing Strategies

Self-driving technology has been dealt a heavy blow as it faces scrutiny with regards to its safety and alleged deceptive marketing. more

The Aftermath Of The M5 Crash

France Supports Self Driving Cars On its Streets

Based on reports by Designyourworld, the French government has allowed auto manufacturing companies to test drive "self-driving" cars on the public French streets. more

New York Uber Drivers Protest Rate Cuts

Uber Pursues Its Driverless Car Technology Further

In-depth look on how Uber manages to pursue its driverless car technology to make way for a safer future. more

Transportation Sec'y Foxx Discusses Future Transportation Trends With Google CEO

Google Executive Chris Urmson Quits Making 'Self-Driving Cars'

Google executive and roboticist Chris Urmson left the team who is planning to develop "self-driving cars." According to the latest report, he is "unhappy with the project." more


Alcohol Industry Expected To Gain $100 Billion Due To Autonomous Cars And Car Sharing Services

The global liquor industry could benefit from a $100 billion boost thanks to the advent of autonomous driving technology or shared riding modes, new research by Morgan Stanley has revealed. That no doubt will serve to further stimulate the alcohol industry that already is estimated at a whopping $1.5 trillion worldwide. more

Prince Philip Of Belgium Launches European Motor Show 91st Edition

Not A Self-Driving Car: Mercedes Pulls Out "The Future" Ad

Car manufacturer Mercedes-Benz pulls out TV commercial that suggests that its new 2017 E-Class car has automated driving features. more

Tesla Update v7.0 Enables Self-driving Test In China

Is Tesla's Autopilot Getting Faulty? Another Crash Reported In Europe, Driver Blames Company

Another Tesla Model S crash has been reported in Europe. more

2015 IAA Frankfurt Auto Show

Tesla Model S Autopilot Mode Permits Driver To Sleep Through The Drive; Video Goes Viral

Tesla Model S driver was caught on video sleeping. The car was on autopilot mode. more

BMW Launches i3 Electric Car Production

Here's 2016's Best And Environment-Friendly Electric Cars

Let's recap on the best and cost-effective electric cars that are for release this year. more

Chrysler's Warren Stamping Plant

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles' Earnings For First Quarter Improved, Rugged Business Terrain Still A Threat

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles gained strong earnings for the first quarter. more

Geneva Motor Show 2016

Volvo Does Driverless Trials, "Drive Me London" In The UK In 2017

Swedish brand Volvo will be hosting a number of people who would take part in the driverless car trials by next year. more

China Daily Life - Luxury

Global Auto Brands, Chinese Government Pushes For EVs To Enter Auto Market

The 2016 Beijing Auto Show saw global auto brands keen on not giving up on the Chinese car market. more

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