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Sherp ATV

Russian Designer Unveils 'Mini Monster Truck' Built For Tough Terrains (VIDEO)

A Russian mechanic has designed a “mini monster truck” aimed at helping workers deal with the harshest environments. more

Cars Stuck in Snow outside Jerusalem

7 Snowbound Car Photos

Stay safe out there. more

Stranded Car

How To Survive Getting Stranded

Fortune favors the prepared. more

Driving in Snow

Guide to Driving in Snow

Yes, but only after brushing up on winter driving safety. more

Road Trip Weather

4 Essential Apps for Winter Driving

Whether it's planning for snowy roads or looking for parking, these apps will help keep you safe in winter weather. more

2014 Snowstorm

Global Warming Won't Stop Snowstorms

Areas that usually see heavy snowstorms shouldn't see much of a reduced snowfall, says a new study. more

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