David Crosby

Rocker David Crosby Injures Jogger With His Tesla in California

Rock musician David Crosby hit and injured a jogger while driving his car in Southern California over the weekend. more


Sun Triggers Lightning on Earth

Increased solar activity that puts particles into Earth's atmosphere means more lightning strikes, a new study says. more

Square Hole in the Sun week of 5/12/14

NASA Spots Square 'Hole' in the Sun

A NASA spacecraft has captured footage of a coronal hole in our sun marking a place where the magnetic field isn't trapping plasma. more

Nebula and Star Form 'Diamond Ring' in Space

Dying Star Forms 'Diamond Ring'

The round glow of a planetary nebula has aligned with a bright star to form an unusual shape that looks like an engagement ring. more


Total Lunar Eclipse Expected on Tax Day

A total lunar eclipse will turn the moon red in the early morning on April 15. more


Plasma Shield Protects the Earth

Researchers have detailed their findings on the plasma in Earth's magnetic field that provides a covering for our planet from the Sun. more

Asteroid P/2013 R3

Asteroid Crumbles into Pieces

Asteroid P/2013 R3 gradually fell apart due to sunlight in a slow process captured by the Hubble Space Telescope. more

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