Tesla Model 3


Tesla Battery: CEO Says New Battery Will Be 'Best And Cheapest' In The World

Breaking a long silence on Tesla's upcoming 2170 battery, CEO Elon Musk boasted in a conference call on Tuesday that not only would it be the world's best cell, but the cheapest, too. more

Tesla Model 3 vs Chevrolet Bolt: Key Differences In Pricing, Speed, Availability, & More

Tesla Glass: Elon Musk's Tesla Model 3 Features New Glass Technology

Elon Musk reveals Tesla Glass technology group and the new glass developed will be incorporated in its Model 3 vehicle. more

Chevy Bolt vs Tesla Model 3: What Keeps Tesla EVs Ahead Its Rivals?

Chevy Bolt vs Tesla Model 3: What Keeps Tesla Models Ahead of Other EVs?

Timeline wise, GM has beaten Tesla in coming out with an EV that’s around the $30,000 to $35,000 price range. The Chevy Bolt is the earliest option to be available for buyers, until Tesla’s Model 3 arrives. more

Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3 And Other Fully Self Driving Cars: How Safe Is It? [VIDEO]

Tesla just recently announced that's all of their models will have a full self-driving capability. more

Tesla Model 3 Electric Car

Tesla Reported A Surprise $22 Million In Profits In Q3

Tesla stated it is confident its Q4 showing will be just as impressive as it progresses with its plans to produce the Model 3 in sizeable numbers. more

Tesla Model 3 Electric Car

How A Tesla Masterstroke Made The Model 3 Stand Out From The Competition

With competitors still struggling to hit the sweet spot with just the right EV, Tesla has gone several steps ahead by offering Level 5 autonomy complying self-driving system on the Model 3. more

Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3: Will The Final Production Models Be Costlier?

It remains to be seen how the cost associated with the two autonomous driving modes will be accommodated for those buying the more affordable Model 3 given the price sensitive segment it is pitched in. more

Tesla Model 3 and Other Tesla Cars Now Have FULL self driving capability

Tesla Model 3 And All Other Tesla Now Have FULL Self Driving Capability

Tesla Model 3 and all other Tesla cars from now on will have the full self-driving capability. This was the big announcement Tesla CEO Elon Musk made on Wednesday night on his official Twitter account. more

Tesla Model 3 Solds Out

Tesla Model 3 Sold Out Its First 12 Month Of Production, New Orders Will Have To Wait Until 2018

Tesla Model 3 sold out - at least for the first 12 months. According to Tesla website, production begins in mid-2017 and will be delivered as soon as the cars are finished while delivery of new orders starting today is estimated to be mid-2018 or later. more

2016 Chevy Bolt

Chevrolet Likely To Produce Around 30k Bolt EVs Next Year

LG Chem that will be supplying the Bolt's battery pack along with several other components has claimed there is going to be around 30,000 of the Bolts manufactured next year. more

Tesla Model 3

Seattle Based Axon is Offering Model 3 to New Employees That Remain Attached For at Least 3 Months

A Seattle-based company is offering new Model 3 to its fresh recruits if they continue to serve the company for a minimum of three months. more

Tesla Boosts EV Deliveries By 70 percent: Model 3 Orders To Be Cleared Out On Schedule?

Tesla Upgrades EV Deliveries By 70 Percent

Tesla has made a remarkable performance as it raised its delivery rate to 70 percent. However, the Tesla Model 3's delivery is still something the car crowd questions. more

Nissan Leaf

Canada's First Nissan Leaf Completes Five Years, Still Going Strong As Ever

The first person to own a Nissan Leaf in Canada said it was a bold decision but one that has paid off well over the five years the EV has been with him. more

Telsa Opens New Flagship Store In San Francisco

Five Reasons the Model Y Might Be Tesla's Most Important EV Ever

Anticipation for the release of Tesla’s first mass-produced electronic vehicle Model 3 is still at an all-time high. But despite the attention that the Model 3 is getting, other “Teslavangelistas” are quite smitten with the release of another model from the acclaimed EV brand. more

Car Makers Reveal New Models At N. American International Auto Show In Detroit

Chevrolet vs Tesla: Chevvy Slams Leading Brand For EV Development?

Tesla might be the leading brand apparently because of launching a wave of electric cars, but the study shows that Chevrolet is still the expert in the auto industry. The details revealed that Chevrolet Bolt reached 238 miles on a single charge while Tesla Model 3 is only expected to reach at least 215 miles per charge more

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